Suzanne Katanic, CHT

Find that tiny voice within, listen with a heart stethoscope, and take tiny, vulnerable actions towards your best life.
— Suzanne




individual sessions

Depth Hypnosis provides relief from symptoms that traditional therapies treat at the symptom level.

  • I feel anxious and I am not sure why
  • I feel depressed, sluggish and down
  • I feel stuck. I have a lot of ideas but no traction. 
  • An event happened that I have not been able to get over. 
  • I feel sad and am having trouble letting go.
  • I feel angry.
  • I look at technology compulsively and feel disconnected from my life. 
                  Matters of the Heart

                  Matters of the Heart

couples counseling

I help people find a deeper connection in their relationships. 

Have you tried couples counseling and just ended up stirring up the issues but not getting to root causes? Do you desire to heal your triggers and move to a more loving and connected place with your partner?

  • My partner and I are in an endless unsolvable argument
  • We have tried "talk" - couples counseling and want to diver deeper into ourselves
  • A crisis has left us unable to cope and stay connected
                       Dreams + Purpose

                       Dreams + Purpose


I help people find a deeper purpose in their lives through entrepreneurial coaching. 

There are a lot of reasons people lose direction. Unresolved past losses, avoidance, they don't know they can have one, or they don't know what to do. 

  • I have lost direction in my business
  • I think unresolved issues keep me from moving forward
  • I avoid growing my business
  • I don't know what to do to make my vision happen
  • I want my business to line up with my values


Suzanne Katanic, Cht is a Depth Hypnosis practitioner + Shamanic Counselor who specializes in working with individuals and couples as they build meaningful lives from a heart-based foundation. Her focus is on using the wisdom of indigenous times to bring power, clarity and healing to the modern social environment and social interactions. 

Suzanne Katanic is a certified Depth Hypnosis Practitioner and ordained minister. She provides an integrated approach to healing that applies the ancient wisdom of spiritual traditions to modern relationships, and she specializes in working with individuals and couples using the Depth Hypnosis model.

Through working with Suzanne, individuals reclaim their power and a sense of hope and clarity. They see positive and sustainable changes in their lives and relationships. Couples develop compassionate communication skills, dive deeply into family patterns that interfere with connections, and find a balance of flow and power within their relationships. Their desire to reignite intimacy becomes a catalyst for personal, spiritual, and emotional growth.

Each session is infused with wisdom, humor, and grace, which creates a safe space to heal and grow at the client’s own pace. 


Email me at info (at) for a complementary phone consultation or call 415 890 3053

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My office is located in Pacific Heights area of San Francisco. Parking garage and metered parking available across the street. Near public transportation lines from south bay 24. From east bay Bart to 38, 31 or 1, north bay golden gate bridge to 24 line.